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Health Insurance


 Health Insurance has changed dramatically in the last couple of years.  2014 brought the first enrollments into the new Affordable Health Care Act compliant plans that include 10 minimum essential coverage requirements.  Individuals applying for coverage were Not subject to medical underwriting and could qualify for help with their premiums and/or deductibles and co-pays.




Individuals and Families

Open Enrollment for Individual and Family plans begin in November for January 1 effective dates.  You are only able to enroll outside of Open Enrollment if you experience a Qualifying Event such as adding a dependent to your household, losing your insurance through an employer or because of divorce, just to name a few.

If you need help paying for your health insurance premiums you may be eligible to receive premium assistance by applying for health coverage through Covered California and choosing a plan with an available health insurance carrier.  The amount of premium assistance offered from Covered California will be based on the amount of your Modified Adjusted Gross Income.

We are licensed and certified to assist with your application either with the carrier directly or through Covered California.


Helpful Websites:


IF you have a Qualifying Event, you can enroll outside of Open Enrollment, but don’t delay there is a time limit for enrollment after you experience the Qualifying Event.  Find out if you qualify, follow the link below!


IF you qualify for Medi-Cal you can enroll All Year Round.    


Atascadero Insurance Agency, Inc. is available to answer your questions regarding Special Enrollment and assisting you with your application.  


Please call Sheila Scott at (805) 466-1062 for your health care questions.


Sheila Scott - License #0E94510

Please click on one of the logos below for your individual/family quote:




Travel Insurance 

      Going on a trip abroad?  Wondering what happens if you get ill or have an accident while in a foreign country?  Check with your current health insurance policy.  Gain peace of mind by enrolling in an insurance plan designed for world travelers such as yourself.  Our travel policy offers benefits that someone, who was outside their home country, might need like emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, terrorism, political evacuation, and natural disaster benefit, and sports coverage.  To obtain a quote please click on the logo.


Medicare Eligible

You have choices after becoming eligible for Medicare Parts A & B.  You can pair your Medicare Parts A & B with a Medicare Supplement Plan also so known as Medi-gap insurance, or you can enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan.  A Medicare Advantage plan is a private plan that administers the benefits for Medicare Parts A & B, it is different than a Medicare Supplement plan.  We offer competitive rates from a variety of Medicare Supplement carriers and can show the options available for Medicare Advantage plans.  Please call to get the latest rate information.

Medicare Parts A & B do not cover prescription drug coverage, that falls under Part D.  Part D plans are government regulated plans offered from a private insurance carrier.  You are able to enroll in a Part D prescription drug plan to coincide with the effective dates of your Parts A & B if you wish.  There may be penalties for waiting to enroll when eligible.  Please call with questions on enrollment, we are certified to do that also!


Helpful Web-sites:









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