Commercial Auto

Commercial automobile coverage is similar to the coverage you may carry on your personal auto.  However, commercial automobile exposures can be more complex requiring specialty coverages to be considered based on the individual needs of your business.  Basically, commercial auto coverage can protect your company from any liability stemming from automobiles used in your business or any damage to the covered auto.  A Business Auto Policy (BAP) has the flexibility to provide coverage for your business, personal, non-owned, or hired autos based on the coverage purchased and applied to each scheduled auto.

In other words, autos can be seperately scheduled along with corresponding coverages.  Coverage can differ by vehicle and a symbol or multiple symbols will designate the coverage assigned to a scheduled auto.  These symbols are referred to as covered auto symbols and use a simple numeric system (1-13).  The autos are classified by weight (light, medium, heavy, extra heavy) and by type of use (private passenger, service, commercial).

Unlike personal auto policies that separate bodily injury and property damage limits (split limits), BAPs commonly utilize a Combined Single Limit (CSL) for the limit of insurance.  This creates higher limits for both coverages, including per occurence limits.  Common commercial auto CSLs are $500,000 or $1,000,000.