With a rewarding non profit business comes great legal responsibilities.  Just like any other business you will need an insurance plan to protect you and your non profit organization.  Even a well known non profit would have a hard time staying in business without the right non profit insurance plan.  Atascadero/Morro Bay Insurance Agency can help you with creating that insurance plan.

If your non profit organization has an office, you will need to be sure that your non profit insurance will cover you in the event of a slip, trip, or fall as well as any other accident in the office that may result in the injury of a patron, a volunteer, or even an employee of the non profit organization.

Your non profit insurance can also cover your building if it is owned by the non profit organization, as well as the equipment, computers, and any other business personal property owned and used during the operation of your organization.

For non profit organizations that have vehicles used to pick up supplies or make deliveries, you will need to have insurance coverages included in your non profit organization plan that extends coverage to the vehicles and drivers.

Running a non profit can be a very rewarding experience.  Although non profits are formed to help, there are plenty of problems that can arise out of the the daily operations performed by your non profit organization.